Election 2012

Gertsch seeks to focus on future in El Dorado Hills

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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Guy Gertsch said he fell in love with El Dorado Hills in his teens as an avid cyclist and decided he wanted to be a part of the community in the future.
Incumbent Gertsch is now an eight-year resident of El Dorado Hills. He’s married to Lisa and has five children, who all attend schools in El Dorado Hills.
By trade, Gertsch works in sales with Frontier Communications. He is also a member of Consumes River College Foundation Board of Directors and is the current vice president of the Promontory Homeowners Association.
Like incumbent Noelle Mattock, who was profiled in last week’s Telegraph, Gertsch will not discuss the termination or settlement regarding former General Manager John Skeel.
“This matter is a settled issue and both parties have moved on,” he said. “The board moved forward with the decision nearly a year ago and has installed strong interim and permanent management leading the district.”
Why are you seeking another term?
“I love serving the residents of El Dorado Hills. It is an honor to serve each resident and view their interaction and enjoyment of our parks and facilities,” he said. “As a (director), I am committed to providing ‘best in class’ programs and facilities for all residents, fiscal responsibility and accountability, increasing business partnerships to lower costs for our community and focusing on the specific needs of our community. Together I feel we can make El Dorado Hills a community that works for everyone — from our children to our seniors.”
Why should voters give you another chance?
“We have a strong record of accomplishments and completed projects during extremely difficult economic times over the past four years,” he said. “We faced deficit spending and made the strong fiscal decisions to build a strong reserve, which is now over $6 million from $50,000, and continue to increase our programs, services and facilities for our community. This was done during a time when the majority of governmental agencies and districts in California were cutting back.”
What’s the biggest issue facing the CSD?
“The economic environment we are facing now and in the future. It is extremely important to continue to exercise fiscal responsibility as well as expand and enhance our parks and facilities. Our community has very high expectations and it is important to meet and exceed our community needs,” he said. “We need to find alternative and creative ways to raise money for projects and initiatives. We are forming a non-profit organization and focusing on volunteerism to help meet our needs in a cost-effective manner.”
What are your top three accomplishments?
“First, we exercised strong fiscal responsibility and accountability for our community. ... Very few districts stand in this strong financial position throughout the state. Second, new sports fields, parks and facilities have been built. ... Third, we have launched initiatives to drive efficiencies and cost savings throughout the district.”
Why are you running again?
“I’m running ... because I believe I possess the know-how, experience, proven leadership and commitment to make a difference for El Dorado Hills,” he said.
“(The district) needs proven leadership that is prepared and able to meet the challenges ahead. I also want to insure that we continue to deliver parks and facilities for our community.”