GB hit by water crimp

By: Nathan Donato-Weinstein |
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Here’s hoping for a miracle March. That’s perhaps the only chance for Granite Bay residents to avoid even more severe water restrictions thanks to seriously low water levels. The San Juan Water District, which supplies water to Granite Bay and a portion of east Roseville, unveiled new water-rationing measures Wednesday that ask residents for a 20 percent reduction in usage. That matches mandatory conservation measures issued by Roseville last week. “We need a 20 percent reduction right here, right now,” said Shauna Lorance, general manager. Despite recent rainfall, Folsom Lake – which the agency relies on for its Granite Bay customers – is at only 30 percent capacity. Perhaps more telling is Folsom’s actual water level. San Juan can only pump water if the level is at 332 feet; right now, the lake level is at 398 feet elevation. The bottom of the lake is 205 feet elevation, measured against the dam. The request relies on the honor system so far. But officials said active enforcement could be coming. “We tend to get the reduction we ask for, but this year if it’s as bad as we’re expecting, we’ll be out enforcing it,” Lorance said. One restriction officials are considering would only allow landscape watering twice a week. They should know more about whether that will be necessary in late March. The water dearth has many local residents becoming more conscious of water use. “Let’s just say I don’t waste water,” said Lois Wiese as she left a Roseville Wal-Mart last week. “I’m not one to run the water to rinse dishes, and sometimes I only run the dishwasher every three days.” Some water uses, however, are sacred. “I gotta have my coffee,” she said. “That’s water.”