Future unclear for Roseville’s redevelopment agency

Mayor says figuring out impact of recent court decision will take time
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It’s too soon to tell what impact the recent California Supreme Court’s decision on redevelopment agencies will have on Roseville’s agency, said Mayor Pauline Roccucci during Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

On Dec. 29, the court ordered the elimination of the roughly 400 agencies in the state, effective Feb. 1, following two trailer bills passed with the state budget and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that required the abolishment of the agencies to shore up some $1.7 billion in redevelopment funds.

The state allowed local agencies to pay a fee to keep its agency, and Roseville paid $1.86 million in August to keep its agency intact. But the court decision also struck down that fee provision.

Now local governments are prepping for battle against the court’s decision.

“We’re just starting to find out what (the court’s decision) really means and it’s going to take many months, if not longer, to really realize what that means,” Roccucci said.

City staff will present an update during the Jan. 18 council meeting.

~ Sena Christian