Future sunny for solar energy in Roseville

Roseville solar panel company designs custom systems
By: Lauren Weber Gold Country News Service
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With rising energy costs and promotion of eco-friendly products, solar energy is making a name for itself. Yes! Solar Solutions in Roseville calls it independent energy. The solar panel company works with homeowners and business owners to design custom plans for installation, which cut energy costs. When customers come into the Fairway Drive location, all they need is an address to begin. The address is pulled up onto the large wall-mounted screen that will show the actual location of the home. Through the computerized program, employees are able to get dimensions of the rooftop, which helps determine the size and amount of the panels. For the majority of customers, solar saves money, said Mike Anderson, vice president of marketing for Solar Power, Inc. Anderson adds that “there’s an energy revolution going on right now,” and solar power is at the beginning of it. People are looking for alternative energy. “There is a growing demand,” he said, and luckily, “the sun is a virtually unlimited source of energy.” One setback with solar, though, isn’t the results, but getting people on board. “We resist change,” Anderson said. “And solar’s new.” Yes! Solar Solutions opened its first location in Roseville one year ago and began selling franchises that are now located in Orange County and the Bay Area. When a customer is looking at going solar, Jeff Stover, store manager for Yes! Solar Solutions said that he looks at the family’s expenses first. Stover reviews the family’s energy bills for one year versus the cost of installation, combined with current and future use. The amount of panels all depends on the energy footprint of a home – how many people live in the house, light and computer use, and other factors play a role, Stover said. The solar panels are placed on the rooftops of homes and businesses, typically facing south. Each solar module contains photovoltaic cells that concert sunlight into direct current power, which is directed to an inverter. The inverter changes the DC power into alternating current power and transmits the electricity to the home’s primary electrical panel, where it distributes for use. Each project is custom and meets the needs of each customer, Anderson said, and the maintenance of solar panels is simple – about three times a year, hosing it off, will clean off the panels. Anderson said that solar panels provide homeowners with a means to become energy independent, and with climbing energy costs, now is a prime time to invest. For more information on solar panels through Yes! Solar Solutions, go to or What: Yes! Solar Solutions Where: 10100 Fairway Dr. in Roseville Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday- Saturday Info: (877) 937-4411 or