Front nine expected to open soon at Woodcreek

Greens recovering after suspected vandalism
By: ToLewis, The Press Tribune
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The front nine holes at Woodcreek Golf Club are expected to be open by the middle of May, officials say. Golf club officials closed the front nine holes on April 1 after suspected vandalism of the greens, according to Rob Nakamura, Parks and Recreation manager with the City of Roseville. Nakamura said extensive soil samples and evaluations were taken by U.S. Golf Association specialists late last month and the results were a bit suspicious. “The soil samples that came back revealed a chemical that was applied to the greens that shouldn’t have been applied, and so they were essentially dying,” Nakamura said. “There’s a suspicion that somebody did tamper with some of the material, but it hasn’t been proven.” The chemical, thought to be applied by tanks with sprayers that treat the greens, was similar to Round Up or some other kind of pre-emergent chemical that prevents growth, Nakamura said. Meanwhile, golfers can play the back nine holes at Wookcreek Golf Club twice at a special discounted rate. “We have two pin locations on every hole,” said Rob Frederick, golf pro at Woodcreek. “It gives you a little different flavor to hit to when you’re playing.” Frederick said public the course also has two different tee locations on each hole so that they play a little different. All the greens on the front nine holes as well as the practice greens have received new sod and the fringes of the greens have been aerated, Frederick said. “The course is in fantastic shape,” Frederick said. “All courses are in good shape right now, but this one is going to be exceptional in another few weeks.” Golfer Jim Todhunter, of Roseville, said he doesn’t mind the closure and that he’s looking forward to the brand new greens on the front nine when they open. “I just play it as practice,” Todhunter said. “Now that it’s closed, I’ll play a round some place else and then come over here and play nine maybe in the afternoon.” Golfer Ryan Guttridge, who lives across the street from Woodcreek, said he would have gone somewhere else to play a full 18 holes if he’d known the front nine was closed. “No one is on the course, so it makes it a little bit more relaxed,” Guttridge said. Woodcreek Golf Club is maintained by Valley Crest Landscape Companies, a private contractor, and Nakamura said he could not comment on whether or not someone within that company is suspected of tampering with the sprayers. “The Roseville Police Department is investigating that angle of it,” he said. Nakamura said Valley Crest’s contract is over in June and the company is still in good standing to win the contract again for next year. “They do an outstanding job otherwise,” he said. Nakamura said he hopes to have the golf course open before the Mayor’s Cup event on May 13. Toby Lewis can be reached at