The Fresh Market christens first California store in Roseville

By: Scott Thomas Anderson, Editor
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A new store has jumped into the competition to bring the best high-end, atmospheric shopping experience to Roseville — and its opening rally of customers this morning garnered plenty of local interest.

Around 8:45 a.m., a platoon of The Fresh Market employees from around the United States gathered inside the former Borders book store in the Rocky Ridge Town Center, packing in alongside curious residents near the floor’s central deli. The Fresh Market CEO Craig Carlock began the ceremony with a little company history.

“The Fresh Market was started in 1982 by a Californian in North Carolina,” Carlock told the gathering. “So we’re really excited to sort of come full circle and open our very first store in California.”

In total, the Fresh Market has 127 locations in various parts of the country. The new Roseville edition was one of 14 stores that were opened in 2012. Carlock stressed Roseville’s Fresh Market would partner with regional businesses, noting it was already working with more than 50 local vendors and carrying 500 local products.

Mark Friedman, president of Fulcrum Property, which manages the Rocky Ridge Town Center, spoke about why the Roseville community was an ideal fit for The Fresh Market.

“We are a city that appreciates our agricultural roots,” Friedman said. “The bounty of the land is something we’re very proud of, and now when shoppers come in here they’ll be surrounded by so many locally sourced products.”

But The Fresh Market is not the only specialty shopping destination in Roseville. Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market and the Nugget Market all advertise themselves as catering to high quality food connoisseurs who enjoy rustic ambiances. The new Fresh Market is also located just several blocks west on Douglas Boulevard from Walmart’s new discount neighborhood market.

Shannon Kosal, manager of The Fresh Market, told the Press Tribune her store will stand out and compete by going the extra mile.

“I think we have a totally different experience when you walk in,” Kosal said. “Walking in this store just ignites all the senses because you’re hit with fresh flowers, bread baking and all of the cheeses. It will be the kind of shopping you like doing, not the kind of shopping that’s a chore. Pretty soon the employees here will know the customers’ names. It will be a fun place to be.”

Rather than cutting a ribbon, employees of the Fresh Market christened their new store by breaking a huge, solid drum of parmesan cheese. Around 100 members of the public showed up to enjoy samples of fruit, cheese and baked goods.