Former GOP candidate supporting Ose

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As a former Republican candidate for Congress I am very familiar with the needs of the 4th Congressional District. Many voters are already completing their absentee ballots for the June 3rd election. Many voters have asked me who I am supporting. I do not hesitate to tell them Doug Ose. Ose is familiar with the issues facing this district. He has integrity and will be an excellent representative of our interests in Washington. As a retired navy captain, I have reviewed his support of active duty and retired military issues and found him to be one of our best supporters, unlike his major opponent who has consistently voted against our military in the state Legislature. When elected, Ose will have six years seniority in the House of Representatives, which will give him better committee assignments and the ability to more vigorously be our advocate in Washington. Please join me in voting for Doug Ose for Congress. Mike Holmes, Auburn vice mayor