Forget your lunch? Forget the ATM

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My name is Samarpan Rajan and I am a Boy Scout in Troop 11 in Roseville. I am writing to you to fulfill requirement 7 in the communications merit badge. The requirement asks us to write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper about an issue that concerns us. I chose to write about the “Should High Schools have ATM’s?” story that was posted Oct. 6. The article said that the idea behind having the ATM was so that people could pull out money for use in the student store, or at the cafeteria. Obviously, this did not work out too well because of the tiny amount of people using the machine. Also in the article, some parents worried about the ATM causing bullying, and the money to buy contraband. This is a valid fear, but the machine could only be used at lunchtime, and there is a $40 limit. I think that high schools should not have ATMs, because if you have forgotten your lunch money, you should be able to go without lunch. If you get fined, you should have to go home and tell your parents, because you shouldn’t be able to get away with what you did. There are reasons to have an ATM on campus, but I disagree with having one. Samarpan Rajan, Roseville