Five Questions: She died — and reveals all in new book

By: Daniel Wetter The Press Tribune
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Roseville’s Kathy Baker died … but she lived to tell about it. In fact, Baker did flat-line for eight minutes during a Caesarean section birth in 1985, but survived and recently released a book titled “A Room Nearby.” She claims to have visited a place of “sheer magnificence” which presented her with a “life review” in which she relived many of her memorable experiences while being able to feel what others in the situation felt at the time. Baker also claims she was presented with the prophecy of the world. In one instance, she was able to predict Sept. 11, 2001, the terrorist attack on the U.S. involving hijacked planes. After spending eight minutes in this “indescribable” place, she was brought back to life and says it has changed her forever. She’s also in talks to recount her experience in a future episode of the Biography Channel’s “I Survived…” 1. What was your near-death experience like? People label it as a “near death experience” when in actuality I flat-lined for eight minutes. I was dead. I suffocated to death when they injected the epidural. I was grabbing for my throat. Once my heart stopped, it was great. I popped right out of my body. I’m looking at my body and I’m thinking I’m fine. 2. What happened when you were dead? All I could think of is that I’m home. I remember seeing my body, and my God, it was like a shell … In the earthly words, it was heaven. You could call it sheer magnificence. It’s very constricted here (on earth) — our heaviness, our bodies … There was a very loving, magnificent, radiant voice that said, “Kathy, its OK to go to the light.” As I stepped through the light, it was magnificent. I wasn’t going to go back, I wasn’t coming back … My life review was of everybody’s pain and happiness. I had to live my life from birth to my death twice. 3. Your book includes a prophecy of the world you were shown, what is it? In a nutshell, we are going to see a lot of earth changes. I was shown of a great, great, great depression. They spoke of wars, wars of wars to come. But, the outcome would be so significant. Life would be absolutely beautiful. The world is not going to end, but I always tell people, “Prepare, prepare, prepare.” Our economy is going to crash, our dollar is going to go by the wayside … I cry for the world, but we chose to come into life. 4. How has this changed your life? I think about it every day of my life and it happened 26 years ago. Now that this book is out there, I have such peace in me … We are dying as we live, and we start to live as we die. 5. Are you more or less accepting of death now? I don’t fear it at all. The actual death — not at all.