Five Questions: Roseville producer tells story of 'long-lost' rock band

'Afterglow' documentary wins Telly Award
By: Sydney Maynard Press Tribune Intern
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 “Afterglow” documentary

When: 4 p.m. Friday, 6 p.m. Sunday

Where: KVIE (channel 6)

Young bands dream of making it big. This is exactly what ’60s band Afterglow wished for.

Afterglow made an album in 1968 but nothing happened. The members of the band moved on with their lives and Afterglow virtually fell off the face of the earth. In 2007, nearly 40 years later, Roseville resident Patrick Desmond, 48, found the album in his boss’s office (his boss just so happened to be drummer Larry Alexander). It was then discovered that Sundazed Music put their album out on CD in 1995 and vinyl in 2001. The band had a following and was considered “long-lost” as no one knew where it was.

The band got back together when realizing that they weren’t forgotten after all and have recorded a second album, “Afterglow: Unearthed.”

To share the story of the rediscovered band, Desmond produced a documentary. It took 4 ½ years to complete.

“Afterglow” was submitted against nearly 12,000 entries for a Telly Award, which recognizes local, regional and cable TV programs, and won bronze, celebrating an outstanding achievement. “Afterglow” aired on KVIE Wednesday and airs again tonight and Sunday.

1. What about this subject interested you?

The subject interested me because I felt that it was a unique story that I’ve never heard before and that there was also an opportunity to right a wrong.

2. Did the band come to you or did you go to the band?

I went to the band. I had the idea. When we found out that (Sundazed Music was) looking for them because they were “long-lost,” the record label sent a guy to interview (them) and I decided to send a camera to capture it.

3. Did they seem interested right away?

They were very interested right away. They were very excited for the opportunity to tell their story.

4. How do you feel about it (winning a Telly Award)?

I’m amazed and excited and very gratified. (I’m) also excited for the band and the story. I hope it brings recognition to the story. The idea is that these guys finally get paid for their album being successful.

5. Would you encourage people to watch it and why?

I would encourage people to watch it because it’s a great American success story. Forty years ago they thought they failed — the world says they didn’t. When I found it in my boss’s office, he didn’t like to talk about it. Now, they love to talk about it.