Five days of creating art in store for kids this summer

By: Kristine Guerra Special to the Press Tribune
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With fine arts being slashed at many local schools, there?s still ways to keep the creative juices flowing this summer. Professional artist and Sierra College art professor Susan Riegel continues her third art workshop beginning July 6 for four days. The session is intended for children age 7 to 17, and is held every summer at Red Barn Studios in Granite Bay. It?s composed of three sessions, and the third session still has a few openings. Each session costs $175, including all the materials and snack. The weeklong workshop includes clay processing, which includes hand building, glazing and firing three-dimensional pieces, and print making, which uses Styrofoam and colored inks to create two-dimensional pieces. Other activities include copper enameling and Batik, an ancient art of applying wax and dye to fabric. Copper enameling involves applying colored powered glass on various copper shapes to create patterns and other designs. The copper shape is then heated up in an enameling kiln, which fuses the powdered glass to the copper. ?The main reason for this workshop is for kids to express themselves and be creative in an outdoor setting,? said Riegel, who?s been facilitating workshops for 16 years. ?I love teaching kids and I love people coming here and every time they come here, they feel better,? Riegel said. In addition to her summer children?s sessions, Riegel will also conduct an adult workshop in September. The workshop is designed for people who want to spend a day away from their busy schedules, Riegel said. Activities include an early morning meditation, collage, decollage and others. The cost of the workshop is $140, including all the materials and lunch. For more information and registration, visit or call 652-6165.