The first wave of layoffs at Hewlett-Packard’s Roseville facility was slated to take effect Oct. 31, according to documents filed with the city of Roseville. A total of 69 employees at the Foothills Boulevard facility will lose their jobs as part of the

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With winter rains approaching, the Placer County Public Works Stormwater Quality division is reminding residents, businesses and contractors that everyone has a responsibility to keep pollutants from entering the storm drain system and waterways. The easiest way to prevent contaminants such as chemicals, oils and greases, cement products, animal wastes and sediments from getting into the stormwater system is to keep them from running off your property. Containing these pollutants on properties, construction sites, or places of business will help reduce the chance of pollutants becoming part of the surface runoff and entering water resources. Additionally, contractors should have erosion-control devices installed or ready to be installed in anticipation of rain. Placer County advises residents to inspect their properties, construction sites and businesses for any potential pollutants and to take steps to prevent pollutants from being exposed to rainfall or discharged from the properties. Water quality information can be reviewed on the County’s Web site at If you have questions concerning the Stormwater Program, want informative literature or wish to report a pollutant source, call Bill Schell, Assistant Engineer, at (530) 745-7555.