Finding the perfect tree

All sizes and types can be found at local lots
By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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In the midst of playing hide and go seek with his mother in the makeshift forest that is Bambi’s Christmas tree land, 5-year-old Azzure Hetherton found it.
The perfect Christmas tree and the one he most wanted to take home.
Just off the freeway in Roseville on South Harding Boulevard, Bambi’s Christmas Tree Land has been a pillar of holiday spirit in Roseville for the last 30 years.
“It’s too much work to go cut it down yourself,” said Rocklin residents Lawrence Morehead and his wife Mary who chopped their own tree at Apple Hill for years when their children were younger.
“Here, they wrap it up and take it out to your car and you don’t have to store it like fake trees,” Mary said.
But if vacuuming pine needles all season isn’t how you prefer to spend the holiday, Bambi’s stocks pre-lit artificial trees in their holiday store.
Just on the other side of Harding Boulevard, in the Wise Buys parking lot Brittney Strautman was the Goldilocks of Christmas trees.
Strautman vetoed trees that were too fat, too tall and not tall enough before settling on a Douglas Fir that she deemed perfect.
“It has to look fresh and pretty,” Strautman said. “And this one is perfectly shaped.”
Shopping with her fiancé Diego Jaime and 7-month-old son Diego Strautman  said she was excited to decorate this year’s tree with her new favorite ornament.
“Every year we get ornaments at Apple Hill, this year we got to add Diego’s,” Strautman said of the ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament. “It’s my favorite.”
These days, with everyone pinching pennies WiseBuys and their selection of $10 trees has kept a steady stream of customers lined up outside the store.
WiseBuys Owner and CEO Gary Cino said they have sold more than 10,000 Christmas trees since opening the lot on Nov. 21.
Ask most people what the best part of a live Christmas tree is and the answer is usually the same.
The smell.
“It’s just not Christmas without that fresh, pine scent,” said Marco Prado, pastor and international director of the Rock of Roseville Global internship and volunteer in the Christmas tree lot that benefits the program.
For Belinda Hetherton, the scent of a freshly-cut pine tree is worth the work to vacuum shedding pine needles.
And for others, ignorance is bliss.
“I never think about how much work it is before Christmas,” Strautman said. “I always remember after we get it home, but it doesn’t matter. I love the smell.”
But what makes a perfect Christmas tree for the Moreheads are sturdy branches to hold the collection of Santa ornaments that Mary has collected over the years.
“I even have one I bought in Norway, that’s probably the furthest place I’ve bought a Santa,” Morehead said.
And of course, for  Hetherton, it’s what happens after the tree is home and decorated that makes it perfect for him.
“I like the presents under the tree,” Hetherton said. “That’s my favorite.”

Know and go
Where: 1159 Roseville Square
Phone: 773-4998
Carries: Grand Fir, Noble Fir, Douglas Fir
Cost: Trees start at $9.98
Bambi’s Christmas Tree Land
Where: 210 South Harding Blvd.
Phone: 786-7979
Carries: Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, Silver Tip, Noble Fir and Nordman Fir
Cost: Trees start at $9.99
Rock of Roseville
Benefits the Global internship program, Ethiopian orphans
Where: 725 Vernon St.
Phone: 789-7625
Carries: Noble Fir, Douglas Fir and Grand Fir
Cost: Trees start at $37.88