Fight Back To Expose Tea Party Members Who Should Not Be:

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The real goal is to expose and let the world not of Tea Party Members that are a potentially (how is that for legal butt covering) problematic. Every American has the right to organize and share their beliefs, but lately there have been an alarming number of extremists in the Tea Party who are promoting violent, racist and hateful views. The Tea Party Tracker was founded by the NAACP, Media Matters, Think Progress and New Left Media - and its mission is to document the hate coming out of Tea Party events, so Americans are fully informed and can make their own opinions. I HAVE THIS UP ON FREEFLIGHTNEWMEDIA.TYPEPAD.COM (and other stuff not found here as it mostly is National in nature) AND MY FACEBOOK PAGE...BUT GO DIRECT! If you've got a minute - take a look! Then spread the word!