An "at-fault" collision question

“Ask George” Expert Answers to Common DMV Questions
By: George Valverde – Director, California Department of Motor Vehicles
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Do you have questions about general driving related requirements like registration and insurance? Are you unclear about laws and restrictions related to driving? The California Department of Motor Vehicles has answers. Save Time. Go Online at Q: How long will an “at-fault” collision stay on my driving record? A: The amount of time a point stays on your record varies. However, as a general rule, an “at fault” collision typically stays on your record for three years. In addition to the crash being on your record, you will also accumulate points per collision or citation that you receive. For more information on the point system and how long infractions remain on your record visit From the homepage find the search tool in the upper right hand corner, type DMV report actions, click Go, and lastly go to the first link that appears in the search results. Q: After losing my Driver License I went to the DMV to replace it and about a month later my new license was stolen along with my wallet. However, I recently found my old license. Can I still use the old one? A: This is a question I hear a lot and unfortunately no, you cannot use your old license. When you obtained your new license the old one became invalid. The old license should be destroyed and disposed of properly. To receive a new valid license, go to From the homepage click on the tab labeled Driver License, next click Lost or Stolen, and there you will find the checklist for ordering a duplicate license. It’s easy…Save Time. Go Online! Q: Are there actual “Dos” and “Don’ts” to horn honking? A: Yes. One great reason to use your horn is when it is necessary to avoid an accident. In contrast, a bad reason to use your horn is because you are upset with another driver. For complete information about appropriate and inappropriate horn usage, visit our website at From the homepage type “horn honk” into the search bar in the upper right hand side, click Go, and lastly click on the first link in the search results. It’s easy…Save Time. Go Online!