Fate of City Hall Annex

What should happen to building in downtown Roseville?
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What should happen to old City Hall? Roseville City Manager Ray Kerridge seeks an answer to that question. He has an idea, though. Kerridge thinks the building located at 316 Vernon St., now called City Hall Annex, is ripe for an adaptive reuse project — to be transformed into an independent restaurant or café, or entertainment venue. “I think that building has a lot of architectural potential for the right kind of use,” Kerridge said. But he’s curious what fate Roseville residents think should befall City Hall Annex, which opened in 1936. This question is part of a larger dilemma for the City of Roseville regarding the future of downtown. “What’s it going to take to get people to come downtown?” Kerridge said. “We have our ideas, but we don’t want to do a ‘build it and they will come’ (approach).” What would get you to go downtown? Post your comment below or e-mail reporter Sena Christian at ~ Sena Christian