Extreme Makeover coming to Downtown

Plan will guide growth and development for the next 20 years
By: Megan Wood- The Press Tribune
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Get ready for an extreme makeover of the downtown area of Roseville. Before the Fountains and the Galleria Mall stepped onto the scene, downtown was the place to be and will be once again now that plans to revitalize downtown and historic Roseville have been finalized. Background After four years of planning by city staff, residents and business owners, the Downtown Specific Plan will be presented to the public during an open house event next week. According to Planning and Redevelopment manager Jan Shellito, completion of the plan could take up to 20 years but changes to the downtown area will be visible in as little as 10. “There are certain elements planned that may happen sooner than others,” Shellito said. “People could definitely start to see the downtown area change in the near future.” What’s coming Entertainment District The area just south of Main Street could become the spot for the best in nightlife when the area gains a zoning classification permitting the land to be used for a collection of nightclubs and bars. “I think this will be an exciting addition to the downtown area,” said Roseville Mayor Gina Garbolino. “It will be attractive and fun to young people.” The plan calls for courtyards and pedestrian ally ways promoting outdoor events and dining modeled after the area between the Owl Club and Bank of Italy near Church Street. Community Gathering Spots A town square complete with grassy areas, an outdoor stage, active water features and plenty of open space for vendors is slated to replace the existing parking lot in front of the Civic Center. The area would be used for community and cultural celebrations, or potentially a farmers’ market, Shellito said. Walking trails would be added along Dry Creek linking the community areas of Royer Park to the developing businesses of Vernon Street. According to Scott Alvord, owner of downtown business A Dash of Panache, president of downtown Roseville merchants and member of the revitalization committee downtown Napa, is currently working on a similar project of walking trails connecting their downtown area. “It was really exciting to see what we will soon be bringing to (Roseville),” Alvord said. Retail, Living and Office Development Approximately 15,000 square feet of ground floor retail space is scheduled for Vernon Street with additional space on several floors above ground for offices to house the existing and future Roseville city staff. The Civic Center will undergo an expansion and redesign that will incorporate the original building’s Spanish mission style throughout the block. In historic Old Town, additional public parking space is planned to accommodate a growing retail and tourist hotspot. Additional retail and office space is planned as wall as a possible entertainment center, hotel or residential housing units. “ Downtown has the history of Roseville, the events like parades and downtown Tuesday nights, we have the most unique, one-of a-kind stores that you can’t find anywhere else and these things will always be here,” Alvord said. “(These changes) are going to be a huge benefit not only to businesses downtown but to the entire community.” What’s next To see the complete Downtown Specific Plan, attend the Community Open House next week. A video tour of the complete downtown plan will be shown and those who attend will also receive a complimentary DVD. City staff will be available to answer questions and discuss the future growth of downtown in greater detail. Thursday, April 23 5:30-6:45 Tower Theater 421 Vernon St.