Editor's View: Enforce trail etiquette; bidding adieu to longtime Rotarian Jim Garity

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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Let’s take a look at what’s been going on recently in the Folsom.

Reader feedback

Someone named Sue from Folsom (no last name given) sent me a letter via U.S. Post Office to respond to a letter we featured in last week’s Telegraph. Last week’s letter described the lack of etiquette some runners display on the local trails.

Last week’s letter (which can be found online at and said the writer found herself catching urine as some male runners let it fly while on the fly.

Sue, in a handwritten response, had this input: “My son is a runner too. He goes this route about once a month. I have known families where a member has been charged with indecent exposure, taken to jail and paid $500 in fines, (not to mention) the court appearances, and (being) ordered to take classes for this type of behavior. Where are the cops and park rangers?

“This is not only disgusting, but also a serious health hazard. If there are any medical and cleaning bills, send them to him. Better yet, take him to court.

“I am not only pleased to hear you didn’t want to confront him alone, but doubly pleased you described him … now I know who he is and others do also.

“This is better than court. It also makes other runners aware of him too. … Really people! Find a bathroom or don’t drink so much water.”

A very Garity goodbye

Jim and Judy Garity have flown to the less-green pastures of southern Nevada.

Mr. Garity was very active in the Rotary Club of Historic Folsom, the Folsom Chamber’s political group and other activities out and about.

Before they fled Folsom, the club held a bash in their honor to bid them a fond farewell. They gathered a few weeks ago at Kanpai Sushi in Folsom. While a few attempted to roast the former club president, there really wasn’t much fodder for such activities.

Good luck, Jim and Judy. You will be missed.

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