Duran forces right to speedy trial

By: Scott Thomas Anderson, Editor
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Samuel Duran, the man accused of trying to kill numerous police officers in Roseville, invoked his right to a speedy trial this morning in a Placer County courtroom. Flanked by the Placer County Public Defender's Office, Duran made it clear he wants his preliminary hearing to happen in the next two weeks. The exact date various police officers, detectives and citizen victims will testify against him in order to establish evidence to hold him for a jury trial will be determined on Nov. 8 in Roseville.

Most suspects in Placer County's high profile cases opt to wave their rights to a speedy trial. Christopher Northam Jr., the man accused of committing the "Skim X" murder in Roseville, has gone roughly two years without a preliminary hearing. Unless Duran changes his mind before next week, his case is expected to proceed at a much faster rate.