DUI enforcement in Placer County during holiday season

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Due to the holiday season and the potential for an increase of motorists driving under the influence in the South Placer County area, the Rocklin, Lincoln, and Roseville police departments will be using grant funds to pay for DUI enforcement vehicles Dec.19, 20 and 27. The officers will concentrate their enforcement activities specifically toward motorists who appear to be driving under the influence in their respective cities and the South Placer area. The Roseville, Rocklin and the Lincoln police departments are working in conjunction with the state of California Alcoholic Beverage Control to combat alcohol related violations in the South Placer County area. The agencies were awarded a grant from the Alcoholic Beverage Control to conduct various types of operations in all three cities for the 08-09 fiscal year. Officers from the agencies work each operation together, strengthening partnerships and provided a directed enforcement approach and education opportunity for residents in South Placer County.