Drought part of cyclical pattern, says reader

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While the rains pour down, amidst the doom and gloom of the stormy economic climate, we are force-fed picture after picture of low-running rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The so-called “drought” we are experiencing is simply the cyclical pattern that makes average rainfall and snow pack, just that, average. We are told when the snow pack is only 70 percent of normal – it’s a crisis. Yet the years when we experience 130 percent of normal do we ever store the extra, as we should? Whenever there is any extra water that could be stored for dry times like we’re experiencing now, the environmental crowd makes sure the lakes are drained to protect some endangered mosquito or something down in the Delta. Drought? Nah. Depression? Below-normal rainfall amidst the below-normal economic storm simply sells the six-o’clock news like a bad reality TV show. Don’t listen to them, except to demand that some new reservoirs get built. Kill two birds with one stone by using some stimulus money to solve our water storage problems. And then, let the environmental crowd cut their own water use by, say, 80 percent. That way farmers can help us all survive, while the Delta smelt can swim happily all summer long. Dan Risucci, Rocklin