Double dipping must be banned

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We are bombarded with messages that there is a desperate need for more jobs. In fact, four state legislature bills have been proposed allowing over 100 projects to avoid having to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act. The reason for the proposed “immunity” from following the law is stated as “creating more jobs.” In Rocklin, with full blessings of the city council, a bunch of double-dipping city officials are keeping jobs meant for others. The city manager has been hired back for 24 hours per week for $137,000 per year — same rate of pay as his 40-hour per week salary, $230,000. If he can do the job now in 24 hours that he was being paid at a 40-hour rate for all these years, it seems as if he owes the city a huge reimbursement for his finger-twiddling time. Can the same be applied to the others? Second, how many starting positions could be created with his $137,000 per year as well as all the others’? It’s pure greed and political favoritism that keeps hogs in the troughs and withholds jobs from others. The city claims they can’t find anyone else who can do the job, but where have they looked? What kind of CEO doesn’t train staff in case they leave? How can anyone claim that (Carlos) Urrutia and his double dip friends are really worth bringing back, especially if they didn’t do their jobs nor plan for their severance? Double dipping must be banned. Matt Marin, Newcastle