Does your water taste different?

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Roseville residents may notice a difference in their water Jan. 26 and 27. The city of Roseville will utilize an alternate water source these two days as part of an ongoing capital improvement project at Folsom Dam. A parallel pipeline is being constructed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and, once completed later in 2010, will provide additional pipelines to carry water from Folsom Reservoir to Roseville’s water treatment plant. The additional pipelines will make Roseville’s water system more reliable and is expected to reduce service interruptions in the future. Water from the alternate source is safe to drink and meets state and federal standards regarding drinking water, however residents may notice aesthetic differences in their water because it is groundwater as opposed to surface water that is usually delivered from the surface of Folsom Lake. Roseville customers should reduce their outdoor irrigation. Turning off outdoor irrigation systems is recommended during the winter months as the need is lessened during colder months and watering is accomplished naturally from rainfall and dew. For more information or updates on the alternate water source or 774-5750. ~ Staff report