Do you know how to spot a stroke?

If not, Sutter lecture might teach you how to help save lives
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Timely treatment for someone experiencing signs of a stroke is crucial for survival, which means people need to know how to spot symptoms, according to a local doctor.

In recognition of May as Stroke Awareness Month, Sutter Roseville Medical Center is hosting a free lecture on how to recognize and treat a stroke. Common symptoms are usually sudden and include:

  • Onset weakness on one side of the body
  • Severe headache
  • Difficulty with vision, balance or speaking

People need to get help fast if they're experiencing these symptoms, said Dr. Asim Mahmood, of the Sutter Neuroscience Institute, in a Sutter press release.

"It is imperative that they call 911 right away and have them brought to (a Sutter hospital)," said Mahmood, in the release. "We have emergency treatments available that can limit the extent of the damage to the brain and those can only be beneficial within the first three hours."

Patients brought into the hospital quickly can be treated with a procedure called tissue plasminogen activators.

"It's a clot-busting medicine," Mahmood said. "We can dissolve this clot to the brain and restore the circulation. This medicine can limit any potential damage to the brain from the stroke."

~ Staff report


Community lecture on strokes

What: Learn about causes, symptoms and treatment options

When: 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, May 24

Where: Sutter Roseville Medical Center, One Medical Plaza Drive in Roseville

Cost: Free

Info: To register, call (916) 454-6649 or visit