Do you feel represented?

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Everybody is writing their elected officials these days. They are real busy too. It is almost election time, and the economy is in a shambles. I had some concerns about employment several months back before the budget impasse, and the market meltdown. As a Republican 4th district resident I decided to write my assemblyman Ted Gaines. I thought it would be prudent to understand Mr. Gaines’ position on the topic as he sits on the state employment committee. I gathered my thoughts, drafted my concerns, and sent my letter off to Sacramento. Some weeks later I received an official letter of reply. The answer I received back was “I don’t have time to sponsor legislation for everyone with a concern.” Not exactly the type of response I am looking for in an elected official; and certainly not an answer to the question I had even asked. This guy is running un-opposed in our district and I am sorely reminded that voter complacency is exactly why we are stuck with poor representation on, and how our economy got in this mess. P. Joseph, Roseville