Election 2012

Crumpley says it's time to get residents involved in El Dorado Hills

By: By Penne Usher, Telegraph Correspondent
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EL DORADO HILLS CA - Terry Crumpley has called El Dorado Hills home for the past 17 years and is hoping to make a difference in the community if elected to the El Dorado Hills Community Service District board.
The self-employed, licensed CPA has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and believes her education and experience make her the right choice.
“I’m running because I think things could be improved,” she said. “I think I have the skills and qualifications to make a real positive difference.”
If elected she would like to gain more community involvement at the CSD meetings, continued maintenance of the parks and perhaps a senior day care center.
“A senior day care center is one idea that I keep hearing from community members,” Crumpley said. “There is space at the current senior center that we’d have to see if it is financially feasible to complete.”
She said people should vote for her because she is the best choice.
“I like people and I care about the community and what they have to say,” Crumpley said. “I’m a good communicator and I like to get things done.”
She would like to improve the quality of life for El Dorado Hills’ residents utilizing her leadership skills.
“We need better outreach for volunteers. There is a vast wealth of talent, skills and great ideas in our community. We need to utilize available resources,” she said.
She sees a lack of cohesiveness as one challenge facing the CSD.
“One of the biggest challenges I think is getting different groups to get along. Making El Dorado Hills feel as one regardless of where you live in town is important,” Crumpley said. “That sounds simple, but it’s complex. Everybody needs to work together for what is best for the community and the area.”
Crumpley is married with three children. When she’s not busy preparing taxes, a task she finds fun, or getting more involved with politics, she enjoys reading or playing her flute.