Crocs rock the environment

By: Megan Wood - The Press Tribune
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Five Woodcreek High School seniors recently received $20,000 for their efforts to help the environment as the Croc Hunter Crew in the Eco Challenge. The students participated in the land and water category of the competition, sponsored by Lexus and Scholastic, and progressed to the final round with the chance to win up to $50,000 in scholarship money. The crew’s final challenge involved asking fellow students to conserve their carbon footprint in a variety of ways, like forgoing meat one day a week. The crew also created YouTube videos, a Facebook page and their own Web site to deliver their message to as many people as possible. “We thought their idea and the way they engaged their fellow students in a tangible way was such a unique approach,” said Lexus philanthropy manager Nancy Hubbell. According to the crew’s Web site, more than 2,500 people pledged to reduce their mark on the environment and their videos have had more than 1,200 hits in the past month. As first place winners the Croc Crew received $30,000 in scholarship money in addition to the school’s award. Croc Crew mentor Kendra Grinsell will receive $3,000 and the five crewmembers will split the remaining $20,000. The Woodcreek Croc Hunter Crew includes Jasneet Bains, Hannah Haakenson, Christina Bay, Ryan Searcy and Alex Warner. “The kids had some stiff competition. We had very talented submissions this year,” Hubbell said. “(The Croc Crew) should be very proud of themselves for being one of the top 16 schools.”