Crash-fest at All American Speedway

Mawhinney and Scott win Twin-44s
By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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It was a crash-fest at All American Speedway in Roseville Saturday night. The Modified and Bomber division races were full of wrecks and cautions during USG night at the track.


Modified driver No. 50, Gary Glenn had nowhere to go when two cars in front of him wrecked. His car climbed over another and he ended up upside down skidding on his roof.  Luckily, Glenn got out of the car and was okay.


On the first lap, Glenn made contact with the Trevor Cristiani through turns three and four, and then Justin Wolff slammed into Cristiani.  On lap two, in turn two, Glenn got into Cristiani again.


Cristiani exited the track with major damage and Glenn was sent to the rear of the field.  On lap nine, Nick Lyons hit the wall hard on the backstretch and in the melee that followed, Glenn got upside down. Glenn seemed impatient from the very beginning of the race.


Jason Philpot steered clear of the carnage and got his third win of the season.  Philpot started on the pole and stayed in front for 25 laps to take the checkered flag in the caution filled race.


"We worked on the car all day and we had so much bite," Philpot said.  “That is what helped us.  It was not all that great through the corners, but we were able to stay out front.  That's what we needed to do."


Scott Winters placed second, Rich Lindgren was third, Michael Ostrowksi was fourth and Ryan Peter was fifth.


In Bomber racing, Mark Anderson started from the pole followed by Richard Perez. Perez led lap one followed by Anderson. It was back and forth between the two for a few laps.


Thompson and Perez got together on the backstretch on lap six, spinning Perez and the No. 23 of Eric Bocksberger.  Bocksberger suffered a broken ball joint on the right front tire and exited the track.  Thompson led the field to the green.


A red flag came out on lap 11 when Denise Lambert and Matt Camp got together coming out of turn two and their cars were hooked together. The safety crew worked diligently to separate the cars.


Thompson and Rickard raced some exciting side-by-side laps before Rickard took the lead on lap 18 and went on to take the checkered flag.


"I finally got a win," Rickard said.  "It feels good.  Bomber racing is all about how your car handles."


In Street Stocks, Chris Lambert took the checkered flag followed by Mickey Owens, Dave Silva, Mel Wilson and Bryan Tomerasson.


Silva started on the pole with Wayne Crossland on the outside of row one.  On lap 28, Lambert took second from Crossland and Lambert took the lead from Silva on lap 30.  It was an exciting and competitive Street Stock race.


"It was stressful," Lambert said after the race. "That was probably the hardest I ever had to work for a win. When they lined up the 07 of Travis Henry in front of me on the restart, I was thinking well there it is, I'm not going to have a shot, but Henry pulled high and I instantly went from woe is me to I got a shot.  It feels really good to win."


Jonathan Mawhinney and Matt Scott each won a Late Model Twin 44 race.  It was Mawhinney's first career win and Scott's second win of the season.


Shannon Mansch qualified number one and with an invert of five, Scott was on the pole followed by Ron Chunn, Mawhinney, Bobby Grewohl and Mansch.


Scott took the lead at the green flag. On lap three, Mansch was up to third, with Mawhinney running in second.  Scott, Mawhinney, Mansch, Chunn and Grewohl were nose to tail until lap 32 when Mawhinney and Scott made contact, getting Mawhinney sideways and Scott out of shape.  Mawhinney took the lead, and then on lap 34 Mansch got into Scott sending him spinning.


A single-file restart with 10 to go and Mawhinney races to the checkered flag. 


Mawhinney spun the wheel for the invert for the second Twin 44 and it came up eight.  That put David Hulsey on the pole and Ron Chunn on the outside of row one.


In the second Twin 44 Chunn took the lead at the green flag with Hulsey falling to second. On lap four Scott took over second, and on lap 15 Scott took the lead from Chunn.


On lap 25, Grewohl stole second from Chunn. Meanwhile, back in sixth and seventh, Mawhinney and Mansch were stuck behind traffic. Scott held the lead throughout the race and took the checkered flag, followed by Grewohl, Chunn, Justin Henry, Mawhinney, and Mansch.


"The first race was great, but the second race I got held up for 30 laps, Mawhinney said. “It was frustrating because I couldn't do anything about it. I still had the fastest car.  I could have won the second race too, but there were no cautions.  It is hard when you know you have a fast car and you just are stuck behind someone for 30 laps, but I am happy.  I raced clean and it showed I can pass without hitting people."


"The first race the master cylinder was completely empty, so we took some of the brake fluid out of the rear and put it in to the front so that helped for the second race," Scott said. "I have the most amazing guys in the pits. We just needed to get a few cobwebs out.  We got our first win early this year, and then I think we needed that first Twin 44 tonight to see what we really had.  It all was put back together for the second race.  It was just how I wanted it."


Next Saturday, All American Speedway will feature a 200-lap Enduro race.  On June 5, it will be the No. 7 NASCAR Whelen All American Series championship Late Model Toyota TRD 100, plus Street Stock, Modified, Bomber, NCMA and SRS racing. 


Full results from Saturday night:


1. No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney

2. No. 61 Shannon Mansch

3. No. 20 Bobby Grewohl

4. No. 31 Justin Henry

5. No. 51 Chris Scribner

6. No. 35 Matt Scott

7. No. 44 Ron Chunn

8. No. 67 David Hulsey

9. No. 72 Michelle Nagai

10. No. 25 Brian Koski



1. No. 35 Matt Scott

2. No. 20 Bobby Grewohl

3. No. 44 Ron Chunn

4. No. 31 Justin Henry

5. No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney

6. No. 61 Shannon Mansch

7. No. 51 Chris Scribner

8. No. 67 David Hulsey

9. No. 25 Brian Koski

10. No. 72 Michelle Nagai



1. No. 15 Jason Philpot

2. No. 24 Scott Winters

3. No. 27 Rich Lindgren

4. No. 77 Michael Ostrowski

5. No. 2 Ryan Peter

6. No. 11 Rick Andersen

7. No. 12 David Crouch

8. No. 21 Josh Brock

9. No 14 Kyle Dickerson

10. No. 5 Jason Bambert

11. No. 39 Luke Kaper

12. No. 33 Bud Anderson

13. No. 3 Nick Bonachea

14. No. 43 Nick Lyons

15. No. 50 Gary Glenn

16. No. 1 Rick Anable

17. No. 90 Trevor Cristiani

18. No. 7 Nik Romano

19. No. 07 Justin Wolff



1. No. 24 Cody Rickard

2. No. 37 David Thompson

3. No. 92 Mark Anderson

4. No. 22 Keith Hopkinson

5. No. 9 Harry Lambert

6. No. 3 Jim McGinnis

7. No 89 Walter Silva

8. No. 12 Denise Lambert

9. No. 44 Roger Ward, Jr.

10. No. 52 Matt Camp

11. No. 30 Steve Runkle

12. No. 74 Terry Thomas, Jr.

13. No. 2 David Friedman

14. No. 50 Richard Perez

15. No. 77 Erick Ray

16. No. 15 Kenny Beaumont

17. No. 23 Eric Bocksberger

18. No. 73 Gary Eisenhour



1. No. 50 Chris Lambert

2. No. 08 Mickey Owens

3. No. 86 Dave Silva

4. No. 2 Mel Wilson

5. No. 80 Bryan Tomerasson

6. No. 6 Spencer Emerson

7. No. 66 Joseph Colorado

8. No. 8 Matt Cockrum

9. No. 79 Eric Martinez

10. No. 22 Evan Perry

11. No. 88 Jim McCully

12. No. 14 Wayne Crossland

13. No. 33 Michael Gorham

14. No. 07 Travis Henry

15. No. 48 Earl Lee

16. No. 31 Jim McGinnis

17. No. 77 Ray Mood

18. No. 16 Gary Campora

19. No. 21 Kevin Owens

20. No. 92 Mark Anderson