Councilwoman outspends the competition by double in council race

Expenditure amounts based on campaign reporting through Sept. 30
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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Roseville City Council candidates

Carol Garcia

Contributions: $56,169

Expenditures: $55,490

Bonnie Gore

Contributions: $38,205

Expenditures: $19,398

Loans: $3,000 to herself

Scott Alvord:

Contributions: $19,743

Expenditures: $13,395

Phil Ozenick

Contributions: $22,649

Expenditures: $11,084

Loans: $20,400 to himself

Pauline Roccucci:

Contributions: $18,411

Expenditures: $7,307

Tracy Mendonsa

Contributions: $4,350

Expenditures: $6,079

Loans: $3,350 to himself

John Schwartz

No paperwork filed

For complete campaign finance information on council candidates, visit

Eureka Union School District candidates

Renee Nash

Contributions: $23,230

Expenditures: $17,661

Ryan Jones

Contributions: $16,311

Expenditures: $8,931

Kristie Greiss

Contributions: $8,622

Expenditures: $4,576

Roseville Joint Union High School District candidates

Rene Aguilera

No paperwork filed

Paige Stauss

No paperwork filed

Garry Genzlinger

No paperwork filed

R. Jan Pinney

No paperwork filed

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District candidates

Stephanie Dement

Contributions: $150

Expenditures: $50

Scott Otsuka

No paperwork filed

Jeff Randall

No paperwork filed

The Eureka Union School District may only consist of seven schools and 3,454 students, but that doesn’t mean big money isn’t going toward its board of trustees race.

The three candidates running for the board’s two open seats in the Nov. 6 election have dug into their own pockets to largely fund their campaigns. Renee Nash contributed $16,750 to her campaign. Incumbent Kristie Greiss put $5,500 toward her efforts to secure a seat and incumbent Ryan Jones contributed $5,025 to his campaign.

Meanwhile, candidates for two other local districts aren’t really spending any money, or haven’t met the $1,000 threshold when they’re required to file paperwork. The third local district — Roseville City School District — had two seats open on its board open with two candidates running, so they’ve already secured the spots.

The Roseville City Council three-seat race is also seeing some big spending among candidates. Local ordinance prohibits expenditures from exceeding $96,108, which is the number of registered voters as of February 2011 (64,072) multiplied by $1.50 per voter. Candidates cannot accept more than $500 in cumulative contributions per campaign period from any single contributor.

Incumbent Carol Garcia has so far outspent her opponents by double at $55,490. Her contributors primarily include developers, political action committees including the Roseville Area Business PAC and prominent local businesses such as Denio’s Farmers Market and SureWest.

While candidates Bonnie Gore and Tracy Mendonsa publicly stated they will not accept union contributions, candidate Scott Alvord has done so with the disclaimer that he is not beholden to any special interests. Alvord has also received money from several local businesses and individuals.

Gore loaned her campaign $3,000, and has accepted contributions from several residents, a few developers, a political action committee and other sources.

Most of candidate Phil Ozenick’s contributions have come in the form of a $20,400 loan to himself. Incumbent Pauline Roccucci’s contributions are mainly from residents and a few unions, developers and businesses such as Union Pacific Railroad.

The financial information below lists biggest campaign spenders in descending order. Amounts reflect total campaign reporting through Sept. 30. Candidates must submit final reports by Dec. 31.