Cops – give drivers a break

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A short while ago I heard on the radio that the City of Roseville was planning a policy of increased ticketing that would help supplement funding for Roseville and its police department. Recently a family member was driving in Roseville and was ticketed for crossing a solid yellow line from a business in Roseville. It was relayed to me that there were others being pulled over by the Roseville police for what I can only assume were similar infractions. Now while I don’t condone disobeying the law, I think we have all come to expect a certain amount of leniency when it comes to minor infractions, let alone a trap setting in which to enforce them on normally law-abiding citizens heading to work. I understand that the City of Roseville and their police department have the right to enforce these standards under whatever guise they wish, safety or other. However now that I understand the rules in which they wish to play, I think it’s important to inform everyone so that we can all make our own choices. As for me, I think the odds are better that it will be less expensive to shop somewhere other than Roseville. Tom Rose, Rocklin