Conservatives fail to come out for comedy

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We conservatives cry foul when Hollywood produces liberal film after liberal film, but when a slapstick conservative comedy reaches theaters, do we turn out in full force? No. So I ask, is Hollywood afflicted with liberal bias, or else possessed of shrewd business savvy? Probably both, but which is to say, why would they produce conservative films if there is not a market for them? In a heated presidential political season such as this, it would seem the perfect opportunity for conservatives to rally around “An American Carol,” yet according to box office numbers, relatively few have ponied up the $8 admission. And while attending a Republican movie may seem unfamiliar territory, doing so could go a long way in advancing the conservative agenda. We all know movies are political, so why not cast a vote of a more unconventional nature and support this film. Who knows? You might even have a laugh or two along the way. I certainly did. Walter Freeman, Roseville