Congrats to Lefty, a true hero

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Congratulation to Phil Mickelson, the winner of the 2010 Masters golf tournament. Phil’s wife Amy has been going through breast cancer treatment for the past 11 months. Phil has been glued to her side, putting golf aside and taking care of his family. Very emotional to see a tear run down his face while hugging Amy after the final hole. It’s a much better story than that other “yahoo” who has been devouring the headlines with his “arrogance and stupidity”. I just finished watching the local evening news. Phil Mickelson was barely mentioned as the winner. Instead it was a 2 minute recap of Tiger and his comeback. Is this really what we want our media to report? Mickelson is the true role model. Of course, that won’t sell. Phil’s got morals, he’s humble and a very solid family man. A prayer goes out to Amy and all affected by breast cancer. May the winners like Phil Mickelson keep winning and continue to remind us what life is really all about. Phil Lewis, Auburn