Concerned over emergency housing

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I attended my first Granite Bay MAC meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 6. One agenda item discussed was quite alarming to me: emergency, transitional and supportive housing in Granite Bay. The discussion concerned “expanding proposed uses into addition zoning designations.” While Jennifer Dzakowic, senior planner, cautiously confined terms to “emergency, transitional and supportive housing” according to “service providers,” what came out in the meeting was how this translates into housing for pedophiles, parolees, homeless and other groups. Ms. Dzakowic would not specifically name the types of people but did not dispute the discussion when it turned to which groups were in question. Dr. Gloria Freeman, MAC board member was utterly fatalistic about the proposal and argued how it’s inevitable since the state of California cannot build enough prisons. Supervisor Kirk Uhler abstained from the discussion and was completely silent. This is part of the Placer County General Plan, which was voted on about a year ago. I live very near the proposed area and while I no longer have a small child at home, I can see from my window many children who walk along Douglas Boulevard everyday. I hope the residents of Granite Bay become aware of this proposal and contact Supervisor Uhler with their concerns.  Christine Erickson, Granite Bay