Classroom is part of football preparation at Valley Christian

By: Bill Poindexter/Roseville Press Tribune Sports Editor
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It’s 4 p.m. Tuesday, and Valley Christian Academy football players are catching a physical break from the blazing-hot sun outside.

Mentally, however, the Lions needed be locked in. No breaks there. The coaching staff is conducting a chalk talk, drawing and explaining various offensive and defensive formations.

A wandering mind was not a good thing. Everybody was asked to take part at some point, and with several new players and a new system, Tuesday’s chalk talk wasn’t going to be the last one.

“They’re going to be extremely important,” Valley Christian head coach Todd Conroy said. “We’ll be doing more of these because there are a lot of new guys.”

Defensive coordinator Chad Mowry explained the base defense, coverages, blitzes, goal-line and prevent situations, where each individual lines up, responsibilities and more.

“Everybody be thinking of a position,” Mowry said.

He asked a handful of players what position they were focusing on, starting with big senior Josh Bowden.

“Nose,” Bowden answered.

Middle linebacker Bryan Alvarez walked to the board and drew a blitz. Senior Teagan went next, and other players followed.

Players asked questions during the session. They also received new helmets and shoes.

The Lions were to receive the rest of their gear Wednesday. Then it was back outside to the heat.