Election 2012

Clark wants to improve El Dorado Hills parks

By: By Penne Usher, Telegraph Correspondent
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An El Dorado Hills Intel engineer has aspirations to change the El Dorado Hills Community Service District for the better.
Don Clark, who has lived in El Dorado Hills for six years, said he is running for a seat on the CSD’s board to improve community parks
“I’m running to make a difference in the quality of services provided by CSD and to improve the parks for our kids,” he said.
Clark, who is married and has three children in elementary school, said he’s tried to suggest improvements to local parks (paid with private funds) but said he was met with resistance by the current CSD board.
Clark said a vote for him would be a step in the right direction for change.
“If we continue on the current path, it will take five years to get anything done. If we get aggressive, we can get things done in less time. If I can accomplish what I want in four years, I won’t be running again,” he said.
His goals for CSD are simple.
“I want to change the grass at the field, I want to cut waste and build a multi-sport complex,” Clark said.
He said he doesn’t plan to spend public funds on the complex.
Before moving forward on any venture involving CSD, Clark said he would first poll the community to hear what they would like to see happen.
If a multi-sport complex were in El Dorado Hills’ future, he would like to hear where the public would want the complex to be located.
“I don’t want to work on anything that doesn’t have majority support,” he said.
When asked to name the biggest challenge facing the CSD, Clark said he could name about five, but said ultimately it’s a lack of cohesiveness.
“Everybody seems to have an interest in only what they want,” he said. “It seems to be all about special interests.”
Clark spends his off hours coaching competitive soccer or enjoying anything outside with his family.
Clark led an unsuccessful effort to recall the current board of directors largely based on the handling of the termination and settlement of John Skeel.
In a candidate forum, he said, “I didn’t see a reason to terminate Skeel.”