City wraps up resurfacing project

Slurry seal will extend life of roads, city says
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Roseville drivers may have noticed an abundance of street work going on around town as the city conducts a resurfacing project, which began Sept. 6 and should be complete by Friday if the rain holds off. About 34 miles of streets were selected to receive an asphalt slurry seal, which is a liquid oil and crushed aggregate that takes four to six hours to dry. Sealing the pavement surface protects against water intrusion, prevents oxidation of the existing asphalt and provides a new surface with improved skid resistance, according to the city. A slurry seal is a low-cost treatment that saves money by extending the life of the road, said Project Manager Nina Buelna, of the city’s public works department. The project cost $1.2 million, paid for by Gas Tax funds. “The idea of this project is to maintain the existing street surface,” Buelna said. “The slurry seal acts as a membrane protectant. … We want it to last as long as possible so we don’t have to do a remove and replace overlay.” In 2010, the city did an overlay on 1.5 miles of Cirby Way for a cost of $1.1 million. ~ Sena Christian