City view: Your public power provider supports you

Roseville Electric strives to provide residents with reliable energy
By: Michelle Bertolino
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Most people don’t think about where their power comes from, just that it’s there when they flip on the light switch or turn on electronics.

Being a locally controlled electric utility, Roseville Electric supports its community by providing reliable energy, dependable service and programs to help reduce energy use.

For 99 years, Roseville Electric has provided exceptional service and rapid response to customers. As a public power provider, Roseville Electric works directly for you and we make decisions with you in mind. We not only provide electricity, but we invest in our community in other ways.

Nearly $3 million was redirected back to our home and business customers in the forms of rebates and steps they took to become energy efficient. The money we invest in energy efficiency programs helps reduce business overhead or household costs.

Through our energy efficiency programs, Roseville Electric reduced its overall power consumption by 9,926 MWh. That’s enough to power to provide electricity to 1,000 homes for a year.

Roseville Electric also works with the city’s economic development team to make certain our community’s economy grows. Roseville Electric staff participates and meets many customers at special events in our community, including Roseville Chamber of Commerce activities, Roseville’s downtown holiday celebration, Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Association’s (RCONA) Movies in the Park, Downtown Tuesday Nights, National Night Out and our annual Earth Day Celebration at the Utility Exploration Center.

Roseville Electric invests in itself. We understand that reliability is important to homeowners and businesses alike. Our crews not only help expand the distribution system to accommodate new growth, but they ensure we remain a reliable energy source for customers by maintaining our distribution system, including our overhead and underground lines, substations and other components.

Roseville Electric staff strives to power Roseville residents and businesses with reliable energy and dependable and outstanding customer service into the next century.

City View is a weekly column provided by the City of Roseville’s Public Affairs and Communications Department. Michelle Bertolino is the director of Roseville Electric.