City view: We will recover, rebuild, reopen Galleria mall

By: Gina Garbolino, Mayor of Roseville
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What a week we’ve had. As you all know, a fire at the Westfield Galleria Thursday caused significant damage to portions of the mall and forced the closing of the entire Galleria. I am so proud of our police and fire response and the essential assistance from other agencies. It’s an incredible achievement that no lives were lost and no serious injuries reported in a fire of this magnitude. Beyond the emergency responders, city staff from every department were on scene helping as they could or were ordering and coordinated needed supplies. Our communications team was on-scene immediately to keep the public informed with the facts as fast as they were available. Being there myself and seeing firsthand the response was truly impressive. The Westfield Galleria at Roseville is a major economic driver for the region. Jobs, commerce and tax revenues provide a quality of life for those who live, work, shop and play in Roseville. And we can’t overlook the emotional impact to the community. Now that the emergency has passed, it is time to recover, rebuild and reopen the Galleria. Our building division and Public Works Department have been shoulder to shoulder with tenants and Westfield officials. We are in 24/7 mode, ready to ensure that the City of Roseville does everything we can to facilitate the timeline of Westfield and the stores at the Galleria to reopen. This is a tough time for businesses and employees who are displaced by the fire. Placer County is offering special office hours so those needing to file for unemployment can have immediate access. The Fountains is posting available job openings in the region on their Facebook page and website. The many generous offers and donations from businesses, individuals and churches are being fielded by the Roseville Chamber of Commerce. Westfield continues to be a wonderful community partner. Their professionalism and commitment to this community is strong. The Galleria is part of the fabric of Roseville. The city is committed, around the clock, to help Westfield rebuild and reopen the Galleria in Roseville. You can keep up to date with our dedicated Galleria recovery website Gina Garbolino is the mayor of the City of Roseville.