City View: Roseville offers free Water-Wise House Calls

Technician gives residents in-depth look at water use
By: Lisa Brown, Water Efficiency Administrator
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The city of Roseville makes it easy to save water through a variety of water-efficiency programs we offer to residents. One of our most popular programs is the free Water-Wise House Call.

Our water-efficiency technician can give you an in-depth look at your water use or simply identify why your water usage has changed. This program is tailored to fit your needs and the time you have available. This complimentary service includes:

Outdoors: We'll evaluate your irrigation system and check for problems that include leaking valves and misguided, mismatched or leaking sprinkler heads. We can also look for drainage problems, provide solutions to prevent runoff, offer irrigation schedule recommendations and provide irrigation system maintenance, repair or replacement recommendations.

Indoors: We can help you spot inefficiencies and leaks in water heaters, plumbing fixtures (including faucets, toilets and shower heads) and appliances (including dishwashers and washing machines). We'll also leave you with devices for simple fixes, such as new toilet flappers, and let you know about available rebates for water-efficient upgrades.

Water pressure: Water pressure that's too high can damage plumbing and irrigation systems.  Our technician can measure and teach you how to reduce your home's water pressure.

Water-Wise House Calls are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call (916) 774-5761 to schedule your free appointment today.

City View is provided by the city of Roseville. Lisa Brown is the Water Efficiency Administrator in the Environmental Utilities Department.