City taking new applications for Section 8 housing

By: Jan Shonkwiler, Deputy Director, Roseville Housing Authority
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City officials understand that finding affordable or attainable housing can be difficult for people on fixed incomes and that's why we're doing what we can to help. Since the early 1980s, the city's Roseville Housing Authority (RHA) has been managing the federally funded rental assistance program - commonly called "Section 8" - on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the Roseville and Rocklin areas. Currently, 515 income-qualified families, seniors and disabled persons receive monthly rental assistance vouchers for private rental housing through the RHA. The average rental assistance per household is about $500 per month. Once a person has a voucher, it is their responsibility to find a landlord who is willing to participate in the Section 8 program and accept the voucher. Holders are free to use their voucher for any type of rental, either single-family homes or apartments, depending on the costs and what is available. RHA does maintain lists that voucher holders can use regarding which local apartment complexes currently accept the vouchers, but we cannot guarantee the availability of apartments. However, the city, through various regulatory agreements, does have guarantees that at least 10 percent of new housing in the city is set aside as affordable, either for purchase or rental. Although the RHA is not currently accepting new Section 8 applications, we expect to open our waiting list to new applicants in early 2006. At least two weeks before we begin accepting new Section 8 applications, the RHA will post notices on the city's Web site, advertise with the local newspaper and post notices at area apartment complex communities. The RHA has not received additional funding for the Section 8 program in more than five years and we anticipate that we will only be able to assist new households when current participants leave the program. This type of program attrition means, on average, we can assist about five additional applicants from our waiting list per month. Section 8 applicants must be considered very low income, with annual incomes that cannot exceed the following current maximum standards set by HUD, including $22,450 per year for one person; $25,850 per year for two persons; and $32,050 per year for family of four. Call us at 774-5270 for more information about any of the programs we offer, or visit, and click on housing under the quick links menu on the homepage.