City selects design for downtown Roseville bridge projects

Residents can voice feedback at next public workshop
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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Action Taken

Here’s a look at some other items approved during the Jan. 16 council meeting:

Transportation Development Act claim: The city of Roseville will get $6,155,366 for the 2012-13 fiscal year to pay for the administration, operations, maintenance and capital for Roseville’s transit, bikeway and Transportation Systems Management programs.

Dumpster repairs purchase: The city will begin repairing damaged dumpsters, instead of disposing of them and selling to metal recyclers for an estimated annual savings of $25,000. The cost for repairs through Stockton Tri Industries will be $30,000 annually for five years for an estimated $150,000.

Smart phones purchase: The city will purchase cell phones from Verizon Wireless for police officers and command staff to use for $51,000.

Wastewater treatment plant lab testing: The city’s two wastewater treatment plants are regulated through the issuance of permits, which expire in June and include individual pollutant limits and mandated sampling/monitoring criteria. The city will pay Caltest Analytical Laboratory an estimated $96,238 to perform required permit analysis.

Vehicles purchase: The city will purchase one 2013 Altec D3060A 60-foot digger and 11 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor sedans for $350,625. The digger will be used by Roseville Electric crewmen and patrol officers will use the sedans.

Electric backbone study: Roseville Electric has selected Utility Financial Solutions to perform a mitigation fee study for $32,252. The backbone of an electric utility system refers to the substations and high-voltage elements of the distribution system. A backbone fee study was last performed in 2007. This new study will provide Roseville Electric with recommendations for new fee structures.

Fiddyment Ranch plan amendment: ATC Realty One LLC, the new property owners of the Fiddyment Ranch portion of the West Roseville Specific Plan, is applying to complete an amendment to add 1,660 residential units and 6.2 acres of commercial land within the Fiddyment area. Total estimated staff cost for review of project documentation, specific plan review, environmental document review and development agreement processing is $172,292.

~ Sena Christian


The city of Roseville has selected a design firm for its $4 million bridge project in downtown, but that doesn’t mean the exact plans are set in stone.

Residents still have the opportunity to provide feedback on the project’s specific designs, which have so far been a topic of discontent among some users of the Veterans Memorial Hall in Royer Park. These people, primarily veterans and senior citizens, worry the project will take away their much-needed parking and easy access to the hall.

“Few of us walk without having problems,” said resident Charlie Peterson, who has closely followed the project over the past several months.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Roseville City Council unanimously approved the use of Mark Thomas and Company as the design team for the project, which includes replacing the bridge — removed in 2011 due to erosion — that runs from the Downtown Library to the park, the Oak Street Class I bridge/trail extension that will connect two existing bike trails and refurbishing the existing Rube Nelson “Icehouse” Bridge.

Construction on the bridge/trail extension is estimated to begin in 2014 and the other two bridges in 2015. The project also includes site grading for the new Fire Station No. 1, scheduled to start next year.

Roseville Alternative Transportation Analyst Mike Dour said the city aims for the projects to enhance public places, promote period architecture, honor Roseville’s railroad history, celebrate Dry Creek, minimize loss of parking and provide safe and convenient walkways.

The city has held several public meeting to solicit feedback and hosted a contest for the final two consultants from which the council-appointed selection committee made its unanimous choice for Mark Thomas and Company. Another public workshop will be held in spring or summer. In the meantime, a parking analysis will be undertaken to address the concerns of the Veterans Memorial Hall patrons.

“The are many people who are concerned that there isn’t adequate parking down there now,” said Mayor Susan Rohan. “So when they’re hearing that we’re talking about their being a goal to minimize parking loss it seems like there’s a disconnect. Having a real thorough analysis of this in the design stage, I think, will avoid problems as we look at this project as it goes forward.”

No general fund money will be used for the project. Money will come from the Federal Transit Administration Transit Enhancement Grant, Local Transportation Fund, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Grant, Bicycle Transportation Account Grant, Fire Facilities Fund and Public Facilities Fund.