City Council candidates’ contributions range from $0 to $56,000

Susan Rohan has raised the most at $56,236; David Brown is not seeking contributions
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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One Roseville City Council candidate has raised at least twice the amount of money as any of her competitors, according to financial documents filed Thursday. Susan Rohan has raised the most in campaign contributions at $56,236. But this is slightly less than half of what each candidate is legally allowed to spend. No candidate may make campaign expenditures in excess of $92,525. This amount changes each election and is based on the number of registered voters multiplied by $1.50 per voter. There are 61,683 registered voters in Roseville. Rohan has also spent more than twice the money of any of her fellow candidates, at $36,198 as of Sept. 30, which is the most recent information available. Candidate Tim Herman has raised $28,284, Sam Cannon has raised $23,297 and David Larson has raised $19,622. “I’ve heard from the candidates that it’s been hard to fund raise for this election,” said Roseville City Clerk Sonia Orozco. Candidates are required by the state of California to file campaign financial documents, which disclose overall contributions and expenditures, and current cash available. Orozco said five candidates have complied, with the exception for Neil Pople, who has filed the city’s required documents, but failed to comply with the state rule. The city clerk’s office notified him that the matter may be turned over to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, in which case he will be fined. City reports show that Pople has raised about $2,800. “I’m in communication with Ms. Orozco to try and fix the problem,” Pople said Wednesday. “Apparently there was a minor error in my filing process and I wasn’t aware there was a problem until today. I am working on getting this cleared up.” Orozco said Pople submitted his late reports, four total, via courier Thursday morning. He must still submit his state filing for the Oct. 21 report deadline. Candidates who raise less than $1,000 are not required to submit financial reports, which means David Brown doesn’t have to file. He’s using his own money to fund his campaign. With less than two weeks to the Nov. 2 general election, the candidates will probably begin ramping up their campaign spending. “Candidates tend to spend a lot of money in the last weeks before the election,” Orozco said. Sena Christian can be reached at ---------- Roseville City Council campaign spending, based on candidate’s financial reports filed Oct. 21. Susan Rohan Contributions: $56,236 Expenditures: $36,198 (up to Sept. 30) Tim Herman Contributions: $28,284 Expenditures: $14,869 (up to Sept. 30) Sam Cannon Contributions: $23,297 Expenditures: $ 5,785 (up to Sept. 30) David Larson Contributions: $19,622 Expenditures: $10,275 (up to Sept. 30) David Brown Contributions: $0 Expenditures: $0 Neil Pople No report submitted as of press time