City conducts two major street-improvement projects

One project involves resurfacing of Douglas Boulevard, second involves improvements to Cirby Way
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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Drivers on Cirby Way may have encountered blinking red lights at busy intersections and backed-up traffic flow Monday. The annoyance, though, is for a good cause: The maintenance and improvement of local roadways. Crews contracted by the City of Roseville are currently working on two major road maintenance projects, both set to be completed by the end of August. One project involves the resurfacing of Douglas Boulevard between Sierra Gardens Drive and Sierra College Boulevard. Roseville Engineering Manager Rhon Herndon said the work occurs during night hours when the road has the least amount of traffic flow. “The reason why we can do this at night is because we don’t have residential land use near the road so nobody will complain about the noise in the middle of the night,” Herndon said. During the daytime, another crew is working on resurfacing Cirby Way from Interstate 80 to Sunrise Avenue and another section from Rocky Ridge Drive to Old Auburn Road. “There are residences along Cirby Way so we cannot do it at night,” Herndon said. “People would not be able to sleep. We have to do the lesser of two evils.” The city requires that crews leave the roadway by 4 p.m. every day before the evening rush hour, which typically peaks between 5 and 6 p.m. Traffic begins to build in the area about an hour earlier. The contractor provides flag people at some of the intersections to provide traffic control and prevent major traffic jams or confusion among drivers. Zachary Siviglia, assistant engineer with the City of Roseville, said most of the paving for both the Douglas Boulevard and Cirby Way projects will be done by the second week of August, and then crews will conduct road striping and clean up for another couple of weeks. Herndon said summer is the best time of year for street-paving projects because the warmer temperatures provide a better asphalt product. The city has a few residential-resurfacing projects scheduled later this summer. The city recently completed the Washington Boulevard resurfacing project, using federal stimulus money. Crews rehabilitated an area of the boulevard that had previously suffered from severe potholes. “It makes the driving experience more pleasurable to the public,” Herndon said. Sena Christian can be reached at