Citizens need to know why

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The citizens of Roseville deserve to know why the city council asked our city manager to step down. The city council was elected by us to represent us and for that reason alone we deserve to be told why he was asked to resign. We must not forget that the city council members are the ones who gave Craig Robinson all of his raises to make him one of the most highly paid city managers in the state. I would hope that Mike Shellito is allowed to continue to be the acting city manager for at least a year so that no money is spent trying to buyout the contract of Mr.Robinson. I would think that in these dire times for cities that perhaps the position could be filled permanently by Mr. Shellito and his position of assistant city manager be left vacant. The council needs to tell us now what was behind their reasoning and take responsibility for giving our city manager such an excessive salary in the first place. Tim Hopper, Roseville