Chew on This: Readers weigh in on the best breakfast in Roseville

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Waffle Barn
1050 Pleasant Grove Blvd #100, Roseville

“Waffle Barn is the best. The entire family loves the place. The portions are huge. My teenagers always pick Waffle Barn for their special birthday meal. Personally, I think it is the excellent service that makes the food taste just a little better than the rest.”
~ Mike Kahmann, Granite Bay

The Original Pancake House
10000 Fairway Drive, #170, Roseville

“The Original Pancake House, hands down has the best breakfast in town!

“My wife and son try to go there every weekend and enjoy something new off of their gigantic menu each time we visit, but we of course have our favorites … their huge apple pancake (can feed our family all by itself), their gigantic and oh-so fluffy omelets or just some good ol’ eggs and hash browns.

“You just can’t go wrong when eating breakfast at the OP … especially since they have their seasonal pumpkin pancakes!

“Oh, I can’t forget their coffee, fresh squeezed OJ and their kids plate with bananas and raisins. The OP has great food, great service and a friendly down-home atmosphere!”
~ Chris Cheshire and family, Roseville

“The Original Pancake House has the best breakfast in Roseville, for sure. Their pumpkin pancakes, the mandarins crepes, the apple pancake, oh yum. Their meats and the coffee are really good as well.”
~ Sharon Gannon, Auburn

Pacific Street Café
301 Lincoln St., Roseville

“It’s got to be Pacific Street Cafe!”
~ Ross Cooper

Country Gables Café
699 Washington Blvd. C1, Roseville

“Who’s got the best breakfast in town? Country Gables Café in Roseville — of course! From their pancakes to their omelets, or country fried steak and eggs, they are all wonderfully delicious! Everything is made to your order with loving care.

“They are a family-owned restaurant and really care about their customers and love to take time to know them.

“They have a wide variety of breakfasts to suit any appetite and you can have lunch or dinner for breakfast if you want. You can also have breakfast for lunch or dinner!”
~ Garrett and Mary Dann, Roseville

Susie’s Country Oaks Café
500 Cirby Way #G, Roseville

“Susie’s Country Oaks Cafe at the corner of Cirby and Melody Lane is the best. It’s well worth avoiding the death trap of the Cirby/Melody Lane intersection or, better yet, just go there for breakfast and watch the crashes.

“They have wonderful omelets that will fill you up for the day, great breakfast frittatas, good coffee and wonderful off the menu items (ask for the breakfast quesadilla; I want it to become a regular menu item). Better order a short stack of pancakes if you’re not really hungry; the special ones are great, too. There’s Belgium waffles and ‘Texas toast’ (yes, a western motif throughout).

“Susie’s is the breakfast equivalent to “Cheers,” with the regulars sitting at the counter and friendly greetings tossed out when you come in. The waitresses “dish it back” in humor as well as they take it."
~ Jerry Pare’, Roseville




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