Change for the sake of change is irrelevant

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The letter from Andrew and Lori Ryan on the Granite Bay Community Plan update, Press-Tribune, March 18, was interesting. Their reasons for change; change for the sake of change, fire danger, the economy being in shambles and having to pay for water are irrelevant. The Commu-nity Plan only guides land use. The Ryans complain about their neighbor’s behavior at Municipal Advisory Council meetings. The MAC chairmen have always ensured that all wishing to speak can do so. Criticizing one’s neighbors for expressing their opinions in a public forum in accordance with their First Amendment rights is shameful. Only those wishing a land zoning change from residential to commercial or wishing to develop at higher density than allowed in the plan would have a problem with the plan. Those owning land in Granite Bay in 1987 were involved in the development of the Community Plan. Those purchasing land since then did so with full knowledge of the Community Plan and have no right to impose change for their financial benefit. The assertion that “a handful” of residents is trying to “control everything for everyone,” and spreading “untruths;” belittles the Feb. 11 community meeting hosted by the County Planning Department. More than 350 residents attended that meeting and objected to the update. Many also attended the next MAC meeting. It’s unfortunate when a large share of the community gets involved and is then criticized for doing so by a neighbor. Harrison Clark, Granite Bay