Car smashes through restaurant, victim suffers serious injuries

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Customers enjoying lunch at a teriyaki restaurant off Foothills Boulevard experienced a shocking moment of chaos Monday afternoon, as a car smashed through the front window and barreled into a customer. The incident happened Monday just after 1 p.m. at I Love Teriyaki in the Brickyard Shopping Center. According to employees of the eatery, it was a typical lunch hour at the restaurant until they noticed the car heading toward the front of the building at a diagonal angle. The car reportedly careened through a door and window — destroying them — before running into a table where a 21-year-old customer was eating. Employees said the vehicle pinned the man against the wall. Large holes from the impact were visible in the wall’s Sheetrock after Roseville firefighters freed the victim. “At first we were concerned that he might have life-threatening injuries,” said Roseville Police spokesperson Dee Dee Gunther. “But firefighters said he was stable by the time he arrived at the hospital.” Gunther said the driver of the car in question was a 91-year-old woman from Roseville. She did not require hospitalization. Other customers were treated for minor injuries from flying glass. The accident is under investigation by the Roseville Police Department’s Major Accident Investigation Team. The 21-year-old victim was released from Sutter Roseville Hospital on Tuesday. ~ Scott Thomas Anderson