Cap to Cap participation key for local officials

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I know times are challenging for our local government’s budgets. But despite these difficult times, there has never been a more important time to send a strong delegation from our area to Washington D.C. for the Metro Chamber Cap-to-Cap trip. This trip helps us secure vital funding and policy for our region. The strength of our delegation and message has a direct impact our success at getting our fair share from Washington. Whether you support the current and future federal stimulus packages or not they present very real opportunities to bring our federal tax dollars home where they belong. We have a distinct advantage because of our history of innovation and collaboration, especially through the annual Cap-to-Cap effort. If we don’t show up and fight for our fair share, other regions in the nation will get it. We need our local elected officials to make the case, face-to-face with the new Obama administration and Congress It is in our best interests that our local governments set aside the necessary funding to head to Washington with the region’s business leaders standing by their side and bring these resources home. Robert Dugan, Roseville