Cannon vows to be 'part of the solution, not the problem'

Roseville Planning Commissioner seeks seat on City Council
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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This is the fifth in a series of Press Tribune profiles of the six candidates for Roseville City Council. All profiles will be available online at ---------- Just recently, Sam Cannon made pesto sauce from scratch. He poured the homemade pesto on fresh raviolis. He enjoys making pasta and regularly cooks dinner for his family. And he can always count on his two young daughters’ assistance with meal preparation. “My girls love to ‘help me,’” he said, with air quotes. Cannon, 43, grew up cooking, a talent he learned from his grandfather, who had an extensive cookbook collection. Back in the days of basic television, he and his grandpa watched cooking shows, including one featuring chef Julia Child. The pair would then try to replicate the meal. “Julia Child was an accomplished French chef and, I assure you, her dishes are not easy,” he said. But Cannon doesn’t shy away from taking on a challenge. The Roseville Planning Commissioner is running for Roseville City Council. He’s up against five other people to fill two vacant council seats. The election takes place Tuesday, Nov. 2. He ran in the 2008 election, garnering 11.2 percent of the vote. “My commitment, instead of pointing fingers at others, is to be a part of the solution, not the problem,” Cannon said. “I think my 10 years as a community volunteer speaks strongly.” Raised in the Santa Cruz mountains, Cannon graduated from UC Santa Cruz, before moving to San Diego and working as a political consultant. In 1998, he and his wife moved to Roseville. They visited areas throughout the greater Sacramento region before making their decision. “One city stood out as the shining star from the others when it came to its commitment to infrastructure, parks, well-planned developments and, of course, excellent public schools,” he said. That city was Roseville. Soon after settling here, Cannon was appointed to the Public Utilities Commission, on which he served five years. In 2005, he joined the Planning Commission. He’s proud to have played a direct role in the Westfield Galleria expansion, which he said is one of the company’s most successful malls, and he was involved in the development of The Fountains. He also served on the city’s Growth Management and Visioning Committee and the Historic Downtown Steering Committee that worked closely with the Downtown Roseville Revitalization Committee. He’s in favor of getting more historic buildings occupied with businesses and encouraging increased bicycle and pedestrian traffic in that neighborhood. Cannon is actively involved with outreach and fundraising for Shriners Hospital for Children, an organization that provides specialized free pediatric care. His oldest daughter was born with a foot defect and treated by Shriners. If elected, Cannon would focus on job restoration and getting the economy back on track. He said if people return to work, they can start reinvesting in the local economy by purchasing homes, goods and services, and opening new businesses in vacant commercial space. He said the city must continue to offer strong business incentives. His second priority is public safety because, he said, in a recessed economy, car thefts, home invasions and other property crimes increase. “People have the absolute right to feel safe in their homes,” Cannon said. “I’ll have a 100 percent commitment to maintaining public safety so our cops and firefighters have the tools they need to do their jobs.” If elected, Canon said he would ensure residents continue to have a clean, reliable source of water and he’d work to keep utility rates among the lowest in the region by drawing on his public utilities experience. He wants more transportation improvements so people spend less time commuting in their cars and more time with their families. Family is important to Cannon. He and his wife spend their weekends attending their daughters’ gymnastics, ballet, swimming and soccer activities. But he’s ready to devote more time to serving his city, too. “(With) my background, I’d be able to start immediately, the very next day, and roll up my sleeves and help provide new leadership and old-fashioned values,” he said. Cannon has been endorsed by Roseville Planning Commissioner Robert Dugan, Placer County Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, Assemblyman Ted Gaines, Councilman Jim Gray and local business owner Kim Hoskinson among others. Rex Clark, Placer County Civil Service Commissioner and former Roseville Planning Commissioner, also endorses Cannon. “I like him very much,” Clark said. “He’s a good family man. He’s shown he has a great interest in the City of Roseville and I think he would make an excellent council member … (and) it might not be a bad idea to have (someone) who knows how the state legislature works.” Cannon works in Sacramento as chief of staff for a California assemblyman. In the evenings, he returns home and prepares a homemade dinner for four — something he’s been doing for decades. “When I went to college, my single friends would just invite themselves over,” Cannon said. “And I would cook dinner for all of them.” Sena Christian can be reached at ---------- For more information about Sam Cannon’s campaign, visit