Candidates ramp up last-minute endorsements, contributions

Six candidates vie for two open seats on Roseville City Council
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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With less than a week left to California’s general election, local candidates are ramping up last-ditch efforts to generate support. And recent weeks have not been without their share of drama, including the distribution of at least eight e-mails criticizing two candidates sent to an unknown number of Roseville residents. Six candidates are running to fill two vacant seats on the Roseville City Council — David Brown, Sam Cannon, Tim Herman, David Larson, Neil Pople and Susan Rohan. Brown, a small-business owner, said if he’s elected he will encourage policies that reduce business fees and regulations. He has been endorsed by several local business owners. Brown has chosen not to raise outside contributions and has spent less than $1,000 on his campaign. “It’s mainly word of mouth,” Brown said. “I know a lot of people and people have been calling me with questions. I’m feeling semi-confident. (Running for office) has been eye-opening. It’s not at all what I expected. … It’s been a great experience because I’ve never done anything like this before.” Cannon, chief of staff for California Assemblyman Paul Cook, said he’ll focus on restoring jobs, improving the local economy and promoting public safety. The Roseville Planning Commissioner recently earned the endorsement of the Roseville Police Officers Association, Councilman John Allard and Councilman Jim Gray. Cannon has raised $23,297, a significant portion of which has come from local real-estate developers, including West Park LLC, Blue Oaks LLP and Sacramento Builder’s Exchange. He’s also received money from Denio’s Farmers Market, Union Pacific Railroad and several residents. “I’m trying to focus on all the communication undertakings and fundraisers, which certainly isn’t one of my favorite projects, especially in challenging economic times,” Cannon said. “I feel strong, but I’ll be fighting this race until the polls close. I don’t take anything for granted.” Herman, a dentist, said he supports methods to diversify the city’s economic base and to build partnerships with business leaders throughout the region to foster sustained economic growth. He’s a proponent of plans to build a Drexel University campus here. The Roseville Parks and Recreation Commissioner recently earned the endorsements of the Roseville Firefighters Association, Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber Political Action Committee, the North State Building Industry Association and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. He has raised $28,284, some of which has come from local developers, such as West Roseville LLC, John Mourier Construction and Placer County Association of Realtors. He’s received contributions from several residents and local dentists. “I’m looking forward to being done with the (campaign) and going on to the next stage,” Herman said. “I’ve enjoyed knocking on doors and talking to people. I’m feeling very positive. It’s a long experience — I started walking precincts in 105 degree weather and (walked) this past weekend in the rain.” Larson, a Farmers Insurance agent, said he will work to strengthen the local economy, enhance public safety, promote job creation and increase the availability of higher education opportunities. The Roseville Planning Commissioner earned the endorsements of Mayor Pro Tempore Pauline Roccucci, former Mayor Richard Roccucci, former mayor Mel Hamel and Placer County Supervisor-Elect Jack Duran. He has generated $19,622 in contributions, primarily from individuals, several nonprofit organizations and a few labor unions. The Roseville Police Association also donated to his campaign. “This has been an extraordinary experience,” Larson said. “It’s enabled me to establish new relationships and build upon existing relationships. There have been a lot of positives.” Pople, a law clerk, said he will focus on job creation, bringing in anchor businesses and improving transportation. The Roseville Transportation Commissioner recently earned endorsements from retired U.S. District Court Judge Raul Ramirez, Placer County Older Adult Advisory Commissioner Darlis Beale and the League of United Latin American Citizens. “This campaign has been an amazing experience for me,” Pople said. “I have been able to listen to conservatives, liberals, old and young about what Roseville residents want and what they expect from their elected officials. Roseville wants new ideas, fresh vision and guidance from a new generation of public servants, and I hope to live up to those expectations.” He has raised $2,866 for his campaign, mainly from the Placer County Democratic Central Committee, Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento and several individuals. Rohan, who runs a part-time consulting business, said she would work to preserve Roseville’s parks, schools, public utilities, public safety, youth sports and shopping. She also wants to strengthen the local economy and maintain affordable utilities. The Public Utilities Commissioner has earned the endorsements of the Roseville Firefighters Association, Roseville Mayor Gina Garbolino, Roseville Police Association and others. She has raised the most money with a total of $56,236. She’s received funding from the California Real Estate Political Action Committee, West Park LLC, Denio’s Farmers Market, Mourier Investments, Placer County Builders Exchange Political Action Committee, Union Pacific Railroad and several residents. “(The campaign) has been very exciting and a lot of fun,” Rohan said. “I’m anxious to see the end of it. I’m just plugging away until it’s done. You do everything you can think of, and it’s best to just be settled.” Earlier this month, Rohan spoke out against e-mails sent by an entity called “Placer County Citizens for Truth” that slammed Herman and Larson for their “liberal politics” and endorsed Rohan and Cannon. At least eight of these e-mails have gone out to recipients obtained by voter-registration lists. The domain server for the e-mails, “” was purchased from through the domain name That domain name is registered to Loomis resident Joseph Scharrer. Scharrer isn’t new to local political controversy. In 2008, news stories reported that he bought dozens of website domains in the names of politicians he opposed to use the sites against the candidates. Scharrer did not return requests for comments by press time. Roseville resident Lee Reed is upset by the partisanship of the e-mail messages. In 1960, at 21 years old, Reed tried to vote for the first time, but was turned away at the polling place, he said, because he “appeared to be a Republican” by his three-piece suit and shiny shoes in the Democratic-dominated city of Chicago — he actually planned to vote for John F. Kennedy Jr. “I’ll never forget that,” Reed said. “I came from (a place) with some of the dirtiest politics in the nation. I moved out here to California. I want nonpartisan to be nonpartisan.” Sena Christian can be reached at ---------- To read the Press Tribune’s profiles on Roseville City Council candidates as well as Q&As with candidates for the Eureka Union School District, Roseville City School District and Roseville Joint Union School District, see and click on “Election.”